Monday 27 January 2014

Kashif Nadim Chaudry

Defining himself as a textile artist, Kashif Nadim Chaudry’s current practice is concerned with a search for the idea of the ‘Sacred’ and all its entrapments.  Playing with the traditions and ceremonies of his own Pakistani Muslim background, as well as investigating a further marginalised identity as a British born gay man, Nadim’s search for the sacred raises questions around adornment, sexuality and the performances of religious and cultural ritual.

Nadim likes using different materials such as the kind of materials you would find used for traditional Indian clothing. In the images above Nadim used spare bits of fabric to make it i really like how the fabric almost looks like a liquid because they are very well almost blended together. This exhibit was exhibited in the harem surface gallery in 2010.
This exhibit was called a queers dowry and consists of using different thread to wrap around different objects such as concrete shoes and tables yet again i think the way he has done it almost makes the thread look almost liquid like how it is pouring onto the floor. 

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