Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Amelie - Review

Amelie is a romantic comedy based around a young waitress living in France. She is very shy as she was an only child and her mother died when she was little so now only has the company of her father. After a while of living in her flat she discovers a rusty old box in the wall belonging to a man who used to live there, she then decides to find that owner and return it to him anonymously. after doing this she decides that she is there to make people happy and she will become a do-gooder.While making other people happy she falls in love with a man called nino he is a middle aged man who works in a porn shop and has a hobby of collecting images from photo booths and putting them all in a scrap book and is desperate to find out who one man is. well amilie finds outs about this and tries to help him even though they have never met. She also tries to get him to notice her by leaving little clues and pictures of her in the photo booth. 
In the end they find out the man that keeps appearing in happens to be the engineer that fixes the machine. but all isn't bad in the end Amelie and nino fall in love and get together.

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