Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Louise Orwin

Louise Orwin is a Artist- researcher based in London her work consists of Unusual performances, video and photography. Her work is extremely honest and makes people aware about things they probably weren't aware of before. She enjoys playing with these perceived limitations and stereotypical notions of the feminine in the popular culture.

We watched a performance of hers called "Pretty Ugly" This shows how young girls are making videos of them asking complete strangers if they think they are pretty or not. Her performance shocks her audience and also makes they feel really uncomfortable. This performance consists of her parading round in not many clothes asking everyone in the audience over and over again wither they think she is pretty or not. After this she shows all the videos that have been posted on the internet of young girls mostly under the age of 16 asking strangers if they are ugly. It really makes you think because you don't realise these things are going on.

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