Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Raphael Daden is a Uk based sculpture working mainly with light but also uses other materials such as resin, glass and acrylic. He has developed this process by utilizing raw lighting such as LEDs, Neon and other light sources. 7
Recently he has been making large scale sculptures in city centers.
Made in - 2001 
Brighton cones
This is a large scale sculpture Raph made for Brighton city center out of resin and Metal Halide Lighting and steal. it is 360 x 100cm, 300x 120cm, 240 x 140cm in size. Many people have visited Brighton to see these massive cones.I really like them i think they look amazing at night and are very eye catching I would love to see them in person.

Made in - 2013
Painting with lights
This is a massive circle of rectangles and squares full of colour made for an underground in Cardiff made out of acrilic, Wood, metal, LEDs and censer wiring so when it is touched it changes colour. I love this because its like a peace of art that it made more other people for them to be creative and almost make there own design out of an already amazing peace of art.

Made in - 2013 
Boxed inside
These two light boxes were made for latitude in 2013 and are boxes with different inspiring and meaningful words on them and only show once it has gone dark.
This was a temporary sculpture but i think it was a really good idea and i think he should make a permanent version of this somewhere in a town or city center. 

He also makes different sculptures for buildings such as hospital and waiting rooms.
made in- 2010
sea pattern 
This is a massive wall made out of resin, steal and LED lighting it is located on the side of a hospital in Ireland and was put up to make the hospital look a lot more cheery.
I think it almost looks like a swimming pool in on the side of the building its perfect and looks really realistic.
made in - 2012
under the water 
This is made out of resin, steal and LED lighting and was made for Liverpool Royal nhs.
I think this is very similar to the one above its like a smaller scale version. it is said to move with the daily rythem of what is going on around it.

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