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Rankin - The masters of photography..

John Waddell also known as "Rankin" is a portrait and fashion photographer from the U.K He is 47 years old and has been taking images for over 20 years, He was born and grew up in Glasgow and then went and studied at London school of printing. 
Rankin's work is very individual and his images are easy to recognize. They are usually very vivid colours or black and white with a strong contrast. Here is some of his own work.

Rankin gets very inspired my others work and decided to do a documentary on him duplicating others work but with his own twist on things. During this documentary he gets inspired by loads of photographers such as Cecil Beaton, Erwin Blumenfeld, Richard Avedon, David Bailey, Helmut Newton, Guy Bourdin and Herb Ritts. 

This is the original photo of the white panama hat was taken for a photo shoot for vogue. It is a very iconic and famous image.
Cecil Beaton has taken loads of beautiful images. His images are usually taken with black and white film. He has taken images of many famous people such as Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, Marilyn Monroe but also takes many self portraits.   

This is the image that Rankin took. I like this image a lot more than the original. It looks a lot more cleaner and more vivid because this image was taken with a digital camera and not a film camera. I love how Rankin put his own touch into with image using a pale model and dark black on the hat and makeup. 

The image in the left is a front cover for vogue in 1950 it was taken by Erwin Blumenfeld. I think this magazine cover is very unique and almost looks animated even though it was taken of a real person but just edit with an almost pop art style.

The Image on the right is Rankins re- creation of the same image it almost looks identical with the colours and placement but with the added nose and different mouth. I prefer the original because i think it looks a lot more classy and vintage.

The image on the left was taken by Richard avedon it is called Dovima with elephants and was taken in 1955.
I don't really like this photo the elephants look scared and like they don't want to be there. But i like how the model is standing and the fact the elephants almost look like they have been shrunk because of the models height.
I like Rankins version better it looks more realistic unlike the original i think the original looks more like a drawing than a photograph.

 The image on the left was taken by                            david bailey in 1963 the image is of                          jean shrimpton , she was a very iconic                      modle in the 60s. Rankin decided to                          use his girlfriend and do a co construction                  of it, i like the original beter because its                      more grey and white than white and black                but i think that rankins version is very him and            he has done well on putting his own stamp on it.

This original image was taken by Helmut Newton for vogue in 1975 it has a wierd almost freaky feel to it. its weird how the women looks very boyish but also has a sense of class to it. This image was taken in paris and rakin took his image in exactly the same place it almost looks identical.jade Parfitt was a very good model for rakins version of it but i like the original i think it looks less staged and natural.

This image was taken by guy Bourdin 1970 for vogue it is a very colourful and bold image. Rankin decided to recreate it but it made it a lot more modern using model Daphne Guinnes I like rankins one much better i think looks a lot bolder and the shadows and use of colour make it look a lot more interesting.

The image on the left is the origninal taken by Herb Ritts in 1984 it was taken in a Tyre yard it is called "fred with tyers" i think both of these images would have looked better in colour but I like rankin version better, it looks a lot more natural. Rankin used a Polaroid camera to take these images and the contrast is a lot nicer on it than the original.

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