Monday, 7 October 2013

Rear window.

Rear window is a film made in 1954 staring James Stewart and Grace Kelly. This film is about a middle aged man in a wheelchair because of a broek leg. He is a photographer and is currently spying on his neighbors because he can't move from his room after a while of spying he becomes convinced that the man across the road and killed his own wife and is burying her around town.    

I really enjoyed watching this film i found it very gripping considering that the entire movie was filmed from his perspective in the same room. It was almost like he was watching other peoples lives through his window until he suspects the man across the road has killed his wife. He continues to do his own investigating into it and in the end he finds out he was actually right and in fact the man had chopped up his wife and was burying her around the town.

Here is the trailer for the movie...

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