Monday, 7 October 2013

Dave Severn.

David Severn is a social documentary and fine art photographer based in Nottingham, UK. His work is concerned with the relationship between people and place. More specifically, how individuals and communities interact with or are affected by their environment. Within this context, he is particularly interested in working class culture and the places associated with it.

David takes pictures of everyday things such as people and the environment they live in, he puts a lot of thought into his images and they often have a meaning behind them.

Thanks Maggie

This photo of an elderly man playing bingo was taken when David was with his dad at his dads work where he sings on karaoke and is an Elvis impersonator. He spoke to the elderly man asking why he was on his own and he replied saying that he wife has recently passed away and that they always used to go there and he wanted to keep up the tradition. 

This is one of David most famous image it is of a girl smoking and waiting for her friends to come and meet was taken in Mansfield where he lives. it was exhibited in London.

I really like this colors in this image they looks washed out and almost old fashioned like. 

 This is a photo Dave took when he went to the mines to take photos of some youths doing council work they told him that a homeless man was camping in the woods and then took him to where he was.

This is the homeless mans house and where he had been living for a while david talked to the man and got to know him.  

This is a photo of his grand dads house after his grandma died this is an image of her belongings and favorite things on a small table. 

Odds and Ends
This is definitely my favorite project david has done, his work seems  so effortless but at the same time extremely effective.


This image always makes me laugh the cat almost looks evil and i like how the image is focused on him and the window and that the fence is out of focus.   

This image reminds me of a holiday resort i used to go as a child it looks like the apartment we used to stay in. I really like how the images has really dull colors but a really clear blue sky with the mood just above the buildings.    

This is an image of  a saloon it reminds me of a bar of some sort of old  fashioned pirate ship i think the light coming from the window shinning onto the ship wheel give it a good effect and the fact that there are lots of different shades of brown in there.

This is my favorite image out of the odds and ends project i love how David has caught the dog mid way shaking his coat this makes him look surreal and un animal like i think he looks more like a human than a dog. 

I also like there colors in this image the fact the main colors are brown and blue they contrast well.  

I really enjoyed davids tutorial i found it very 
inspiring and i like how passionate he is about 

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