Wednesday, 18 September 2013

William Eggleston

William was born in 1939 in Memphis Tennessee and spent most of his life living with his grandparents. When he was 18 he was brought his first ever camera it was a black and white camera even though he is best known for being one of the first photographers to take photographs in colour. His career has lasted over fifty years and he has taken over one thousand photographs just in his home town. When he takes an image he only ever takes one of each subject because he says it confuses him if there is more than one of the same image. He is known for taking images of everyday boring things but he makes them look more interesting to look at. He is said to have the same style of image when he took them  in black and white as he does now in colour.

His most famous image is of a red ceiling with a light bulb in the center with white wires going to it, This is the house of a friend that soon after got murders with an ax, I think this image makes you think because the red almost looks like blood on the walls and ceiling.

These are two images William has taken one is taken with black and white film the other in colour film
I really like these images I think they are very similar and might even be taken in the same location.

This is definitely my favorite images William Eggleston has taken. I love the colour and how the car kind of matched with the rubbish on the road

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